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Salt of the Earth Weighted Gear

Custom Weighted Blankets, Weighted Vests, & More.
Multiple Sizes
100 + Prints to Choose From.  -   Up to 20 Pounds

   Located in central Nebraska, we at Salt of the Earth Weighted Gear are proud to be providers of quality custom built weighted Blankets, Weighted Vests and more to meet the needs of the sleep deprived and the sensory challenged. We provide a wide selection of size, weight and print options.

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You can build your custom Weighted Blanket
3 easy steps.


 1.  Choose a size

The weighted Blanket should cover from the neck to a little past the feet.....more

2. Choose the Weight

Most professional  Occupational Therapists recommend 10 to 12 % of the blanket users weight....more

   3. Chose your Fabric

Please select a first and second choice.

Learn more about the print choices for Weighted Blankets and Weighted Vests here 

Buy your Weighted Blanket or Vest  Here

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Links to Weighed Lap Pads, Lap Wraps, Shoulder Wraps and Plushes will be added here soon. Feel free to call with questions.

402-366-5883  Ask for Annie

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